FirstEnergy Stadium will host JAY-Z and Beyoncé’s OTR II Tour on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, at 7:30pm.

FirstEnergy Stadium

100 Alfred Lerner Way
Cleveland, OH 44114
Facebook: FirstEnergy Stadium
Twitter: @FEStadium

Event Timeline

Ticket Office opens    9:00am
Parking lots open    12:30pm
Gates open    6:00pm
Show Starts    7:30pm

Admission/Re-Entry Policy

Stadium gates will open 1.5 hours prior to the start of the event. To ensure fans’ comfort, and in accordance with local fire safety laws, only fans with a ticket will be allowed inside the stadium. Fans will not be permitted to leave the stadium and return on the same ticket except in the case of a medical emergency. Fans needing to exit and return to the stadium must communicate with the Gate Supervisor at any of the main gates prior to exiting the stadium.

Alcohol Policy

FirstEnergy Stadium guests are encouraged to drink responsibly. Proper identification is necessary to purchase any alcoholic beverage. The purchase limit may be reduced and sales may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of stadium management. Fans will not be allowed to enter the stadium if they are visibly intoxicated. Disorderly behavior will result in ejection from the stadium without refund.

  • Fans must be 21 years of age or older to purchase and consume alcohol
  • All fans under 30 years of age will be required to show ID
  • Limit of two alcoholic drinks sold per fan per purchase at concessions
  • Limit of one alcoholic drink per fan purchased from a vendor
  • Alcohol will not be allowed into or out of the stadium
  • Alcohol sales will end at the discretion of stadium management
  • FirstEnergy Stadium reserves the right to discontinue sales at any time


Trained guide dogs or service animals assisting guests with disabilities are permitted inside the stadium. Please contact Guest Services if you need any assistance.

ATM Machines

Fifth Third Bank ATM machines are located in the following areas: 112, 129, Main Pro Shop, BMW City Club-311, Lake Club-328, and 515.


NFL Clear Bag Policy

The NFL Clear Bag Policy will be strictly enforced (see NFL clear bag policy for more information).

Banner & Sign Policy

Banners and signs are permitted but must be event-related, in good taste, cannot obstruct another fan’s view, and cannot cover any stadium signage. They may not contain commercial messages, logos, or political endorsements. Signs on poles, sticks, constructed of wood, or constructed of metal material are also not permitted. Management reserves the right to confiscate signs that are in violation of stadium policy.

Camera Policy

Cameras without detachable lenses are allowed but must not interfere with another fan’s enjoyment of the event. The images reproduced may not be used commercially. Video cameras may not be used to reproduce the event. Selfie sticks, Go-Pros, and monopods are prohibited.

Charging Stations

Phone charging stations are available at the following locations (club locations are for the respective club guests only). Each station comes equipped with several different charging cables.

  • Box Office (Exterior)
  • Section 101
  • Section 115
  • Section 129
  • Section 138
  • 300 West Endzone
  • 300 East Endzone
  • Each End of Lake Club
  • Each End of BMW City Club
  • 509 Guest Services Booth
  • 534 Guest Services Booth
  • Section 622/623


From East on I 90 W/B

  • Take I 90 W/B to Exit 175
  • Turn left off of the highway onto North Marginal Road
  • Take North Marginal Road to E. 9
  • Cross over E. 9th onto Erieside

From South on I 71 N/B or from the west on I 90 E/B

  • Take the Innerbelt Bridge to I 90 E/B to Exit 174B to Route 2 W/B
  • Take Route W/B to either the E. 9 exit #195A or the West 3rd Street Exit, Exit #195B

From South on I 77 N/B

  • Take I 77 N/B to I 90 E/B to Exit 174B to Route 2 W/B
  • Take Route 2 W/B to either the E. 9 exit #195A or the West 3rd Street Exit, Exit #195B

From West on Route 2 E/B

  • Exit at West 25 and turn left at the Detroit-Superior Bridge over to West Superior
  • Turn left onto West 3rd

Drop Off and Pick Up Areas

Suggested Parental/Vehicle Share Drop Off/Pick Up:
Guests arriving via parents drop off/vehicle share are suggested to do so on Lakeside Ave between E 9th St. and W 3rd St.

Guests with Disabilities:
The ADA drop off area is located on the southeast corner of the stadium and is for ADA guests ONLY. Please be aware that it may be difficult to pick up and drop off guests due to heavy traffic and congestion. Guests must use West 3rd St. to access the southeast ADA drop off/pick up area. Blue ADA flags designate this area.


Elevators are located at six (6) different locations throughout FirstEnergy Stadium and are reserved for guests with disabilities and suite/club ticket holders.

  • Northwest Suite Elevators: Across from section 136
  • Northeast Elevators: Across from section 122
  • Northeast Suite Elevators: Across from section 131
  • Southwest Elevator: Across from section 102
  • Southeast Elevators: Across from section 115
  • Southeast Suite Entrance Elevator: Across from section 118


Escalators are located at different locations throughout FirstEnergy Stadium:

  • Lake Club Escalator at 127 (Lake Club ONLY)
  • BMW City Club Escalators at 102 and 115 (BWW City Club ONLY)
  • Southwest Gate Escalator at 102 (500 South Sections 501-516)
  • Northeast Gate Escalator at 122 (East Endzone Sections 317-323 and 500 North Sections 524-544)
  • Southeast Escalator at 120 (East Endzone Sections 317-323 and 500 South Sections 501-516)

Event Timeline

  • Ticket Office opens: 9:00am
  • Parking lots open: 12:30pm
  • Gates open: 6:00pm
  • Concert begins (approximate): 7:30pm

Fan Code of Conduct

The FirstEnergy Stadium staff and our partners are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience to all fans in attendance. Please be courteous and respectful to those seated around you and refrain from behavior that interferes with others ability to enjoy the event. When attending an event at FirstEnergy Stadium, you are required to refrain from the following:

  • Behavior that is socially unacceptable, offensive, unruly, or illegal in nature
  • Using or displaying foul or inflammatory language or gestures
  • Verbal or physical harassment of others
  • Throwing objects onto the field
  • Interfering with the progress of the show
  • Failing to follow instructions or refusing to show your ticket when asked by a stadium representative
  • Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment that results in irresponsible behavior
  • Smoking – In compliance with Chapter 3794 of the Ohio Revised Code, smoking is prohibited in FirstEnergy Stadium

Fans are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and/or persons using their tickets. Stadium staff will strive to maintain an atmosphere where all fans in attendance can enjoy the event free from disruptive behaviors. Fans in violation of the Cleveland Browns Fan Code of Conduct will be subject to ejection, arrest, and possible loss of ticket privileges for future events. If the behavior of a fan or fans around you becomes disruptive or violates the Fan Code of Conduct, the incident should be reported to the nearest stadium representative. To report an incident anonymously, text us at 440.824.6000.

Family Restrooms

Family restrooms are designated for the exclusive use of guests with small children and guests with disabilities. All family restrooms are ADA compliant and have baby changing tables. Family restrooms can be found near the following sections: 122, 130, 137, 322, 336 (Lake Club), and 530.

First Aid

First Aid Stations are located in the following areas:

  • North Side of the Floor
  • South Side of the Floor
  • Section 127
  • Section 316 (BMW City Club)
  • Section 508
  • Section 533

Floor Access

Access to the floor requires a floor ticket and a FirstEnergy Stadium wristband. Each guest with a floor ticket must enter the stadium through the CREE Gate. At the CREE Gate, each floor guest will be issued a FirstEnergy Stadium wristband. Once inside the stadium, floor stairs are located at Sections 106/107, 107/108, 109/110, 110/111, 118/119, 119/120, 120/121, 121/122, 131/132, 132/133, 133/134, and 134/135.

Food and Beverage Policy

Guests are permitted to bring small food items into FirstEnergy Stadium for personal consumption. Food items should be brought in a clear plastic bag. Beverages of any kind are prohibited.


All gates will open at 6:00pm.

JAY-Z Beyonce Gate Map

Gate Security Screenings

Prior to entering the stadium, all guests will be subject to a security screening, including walkthrough metal detectors and inspection of bags or other items carried in. Ticket holders refusing a security screening will be denied entry into the stadium. See Prohibited Items and Bags for more information.

Guest Services

Guest Services booths can be found at the sections below.

  • 100 Level – 102 & 136
  • 300 Level – 317
  • BMW City Club: 305 & 312 (top of each escalator)
  • Lake Club: 329 & 338 (top of each escalator)
  • 500 Level – 509 & 534

Lost & Found

Any items found should be turned in immediately to any Guest Services location. Guests may also inquire about lost items at any Guest Service location. During normal business hours, contact lost & found at (440) 824-3362 to inquire if an item has been recovered or visit our website ( to fill out a lost & found form. The Cleveland Browns are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. The Cleveland Browns will maintain possession of lost items for 30 days before discarding.

Mobile Tickets

Please keep in mind that for mobile tickets, all parties MUST be present when the tickets are scanned. When you arrive to the stadium, ensure that the QR Screen is displayed on the phone and the screen is turned to FULL brightness. 

For more information on mobile tickets, please click here.

Mobility Assistance Team

The Mobility Assistance Team location can be found in Section 137. Mobility Assistance can also be requested at any of the Guest Services Locations.

Prohibited Items

In conjunction with NFL Best Practices, all guests entering the gates will be screened for prohibited items. Prohibited items that are discovered during security inspections at the stadium entrances will not be allowed in the stadium. Guests should be directed to return their bag to their car or check their bag. Unlawful items that are discovered during inspections are subject to confiscation, and the person in possession of those items is subject to arrest.

  • Aerosol cans
  • Alcohol
  • Animals (except disability service animals)
  • Bags in violation of the NFL Bag Policy
  • Balloons
  • Beach balls
  • Bones
  • Cans or bottles
  • Commercial audio/video recording equipment (including tripods)
  • Confetti or glitter
  • Coolers of any kind (including soft-sided coolers)
  • Firearms or weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks or missile-like objects
  • Footballs
  • Frisbees
  • Ice chests
  • Illegal substances
  • Noisemaking devices
  • Plastic bottles
  • Selfie sticks
  • Strollers
  • Thermoses
  • T-shirts or clothing items with vulgar language or phrasing
  • Umbrellas

Smoking Policy

In compliance with Chapter 3794 of the Ohio revised code, smoking is prohibited inside FirstEnergy Stadium. E-cigarettes and chewing tobacco are also prohibited inside FirstEnergy Stadium. Guests wishing to smoke during the event may use the Draft Room patio across from Sections 131-136.


For the convenience of our fans, stairways are located on the north, south, east and west sides of the stadium.

  • North – Stairways are located in the elevator lobbies across from sections 130/131 and 136/137. These stairways give access to all levels of the stadium on the north side only.
  • South – Stairways are not accessible from the Main Concourse; they are only accessible from levels 200 through 500 on the south side. From the 200 level down, these stairways lead directly to the outside of the stadium on the ground level. Once outside the stadium, there is no re-entry.
  • East – Stairways are located across from sections 117/118 and 122/124. These stairways give access to the Upper Dawg Pound, (sections 317- 323), Bud Light Balcony, and sections 622/623.
  • West – These stairs are for emergency only and are located across from sections 149/101.

Ticket Resale (Scalping)

The sale of tickets on stadium property is prohibited by anyone other than the Cleveland Browns, FirstEnergy Stadium, and its authorized agents. Violators are subject to arrest and confiscation of tickets without refund.

Will Call Windows

Will Call is located at the Browns Ticket Office located on the south (city) side of FirstEnergy Stadium. Picture I.D. is required to claim tickets. Tickets will only be released to the person whose name appears on the envelope. Third party will call will not be accepted. Please ensure all tickets are distributed to the appropriate person before the show.