100 Alfred Lerner Way
Cleveland, OH 44114

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Parking Information

Arrive Early

Fans are encouraged to arrive to Downtown Cleveland no later than one hour prior to kickoff to ensure they are able to enter the game and arrive at their seats prior to kickoff.


Through the Browns Mobile App, fans are encourage to access WAZE to determine the best routes to Downtown Cleveland and desired parking lots (see parking below).

Vehicles commuting into Downtown Cleveland are recommended to use alternate traffic routes and minimize usage of the Shoreway’s E 9th Street and Lakeside Avenue/W 6th Street, particularly approaching and after noon.

Recommended entry points to Downtown Cleveland are W 25th Street off Eastbound Route 2 when approaching from the west side of Cleveland and Superior Avenue off 90 W when coming from the east side.

Fans are encouraged to; download the Browns Mobile App and sign up for Game Day Traffic Alert Notifications, follow @Browns on Twitter, and listen to the team’s pregame radio broadcasts on ESPN 850 and 92.3 The Fan for important traffic & parking updates.

Parking Lots

Parking lots, operated by Standard Parking (SP+), located immediately around the stadium are pass-only lots, outside of ADA needs (as space permits). No cash parking is available in these locations, including the North Coast Harbor Lot and the Dock 32.

With the Browns Mobile App, fans may access WAZE for a list of cash parking lots in Downtown Cleveland.

Most recommended lots are located north of Superior Avenue and south of North Marginal Road and will help efficiently balance individual traffic time with a manageable walk to FirstEnergy Stadium.

Browns fans may also reserve parking spaces in other nearby parking garages and lots through ParkMobile in advance of the game or on gameday.

New walking routes, particularly for those accessing the Muni Lot, have been created to improve ingress and egress for both pedestrians and vehicles.

For more information regarding downtown transportation, visit the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s page. Additional parking information is listed below.

Game Day Road Closures

The City of Cleveland has announced game day road closures of East 9th and West 3rd Streets between Lakeside Avenue and FirstEnergy Stadium, including State Route 2 (SR 2) exits around the stadium. Rolling road closures will begin 1.5 hours prior to kickoff and end shortly after kickoff (example: for a 1:00pm kickoff, rolling road closures will begin at 11:30am and end shortly after 1:00pm). During this time, all Browns parking pass holders and guests with disability drop-offs will only be able to reach FirstEnergy Stadium by use of North Marginal Road from East 55th Street (Exit 175 on I-90). Please note road closure times are subject to change at the City of Cleveland’s discretion.

Game Day Road Closures – Adjusted Traffic Routes


If traveling westbound on I-90 from the east and intending to park at the Municipal Lot, your travel time will be reduced by exiting at Exit 196, South Marginal Road, and following the roadway to the Municipal Lot.

If traveling westbound on I-90 from the east and intending to park on the North Marginal at one of the surface lots at Burke Airport or in that area, exit at E. 55th Street and follow North Marginal to the lots. Again, this will eliminate delays for you at E. 9th Street.

If traveling from the east westbound on I-90, and your intended parking location is off any of the major cross streets in downtown Cleveland, for example, Lakeside, St. Clair, Superior, Chester, and Euclid, follow I-90 west around Dead Man’s Curve exiting either Superior/St. Clair, or Chester, or Prospect exit, and travel westbound to your intended parking destination.

If traveling from the west or south, either northbound on I 71 or eastbound on I 90,  and your intended parking location is off any of the major cross streets in downtown Cleveland (Lakeside, St. Clair, Superior, Chester, and Euclid),  please do not exit on E.9th. Follow the highway to the Superior or the Lakeside exit and then travel westbound to your parking destination.

Public Transportation

Due to limited parking, we encourage guests to use the RTA when coming to the stadium. For more information call 216-621-9500 or visit

Gameday Parking – Season Pass Holders

The parking lots adjacent to the stadium are reserved for pass holders. These lots include the Orange Lot, Yellow Lot, Tan Lot, Purple Lot, Red Lot and Silver Lot. Click here for a detailed Pass Holder Parking map.

Cash parking is NOT available in these lots.

Gameday Parking – Non-Season Pass Holders

The Cleveland Browns have partnered with ParkMobile. Never worry about finding a place to park for home games. Purchase a parking pass from ParkMobile today!

Bus Parking

Parking for buses is available at the Nautica Entertainment Complex lots for $85 per bus. Call ABM Parking Services at 216-367-7915 for more information.

Non-Gameday Parking

There are several parking options available to FirstEnergy Stadium visitors on non-gamedays. Click here for a detailed map of surrounding visitor parking lots. There is also metered parking available on Alfred Lerner Way.