Cleveland Browns fans are encouraged to drink responsibly. Proper identification is necessary to purchase any alcoholic beverage. The purchase limit may be reduced and sales may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of stadium management. Fans will not be allowed to enter the stadium if they are visibly intoxicated. Disorderly behavior will result in ejection from the stadium without refund.

  • Fans must be 21 years of age or older to purchase and consume alcohol.
  • All fans under 30 years of age will be required to show I.D.
  • Limit of two drinks sold per fan per purchase at concessions and from vendors.
  • Alcohol will not be allowed into or out of the stadium.
  • Alcohol sales will end at the conclusion of the third quarter.
  • Management reserves the right to discontinue sales at any time.

Bag Policy

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Cameras and video cameras (camcorders) are allowed, but must not interfere with another fan’s enjoyment of the game. The images reproduced may not be used commercially. Video cameras may not be used to reproduce the game.

Fan Code of Conduct

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Food and Beverages

Guests are permitted to bring small food items into FirstEnergy Stadium for personal consumption. Food items should be brought in a clear gallon-sized plastic bag. Beverages of any kind are prohibited.

Gate Security Screenings

Prior to entering the stadium, all guests will be subject to a security screening including walk through metal detectors and inspection of bags or other items carried in. Ticketholders refusing a security screening will be denied entry into the stadium.

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Prohibited Items

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Re-entry into the stadium is prohibited. Fans may NOT leave the stadium and re-enter on the same ticket during any event.


In compliance with Chapter 3794 of the Ohio Revised Code, smoking is prohibited inside FirstEnergy Stadium. E-cigarettes and chewing tobacco are also prohibited. Smoking sections are located outside of any gate on the outer main concourse.

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